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Bulgaria Street Art + Soviet Union Monument. ВАНДАЛИЗМ?


Честно сказать я болгарский не знаю нокоментарии там разные. Мнение разделилось! А что инетернсо у нас?

Actually, a lot of people in Bulgaria approve of this. It looks like vandalism but Soviet monuments are generally regarded as symbols of the 45-year Communist regime that set us back several decades and still plagues the Bulgarian political life. These are the top comments in the article on a major publication’s website:

“Glory to the unknown artists :D”

“I hope they don’t clean it up, let’s raise funds for some weather-resistant coating!”

“Good job!”

“Don’t clean it up, put it in a museum as a symbol of the Communist Holocaust”

“The paint hides the shame of our whole nation!”

“Looks better than ever!”

- На некоторых источниках этим восхищаються.

Source link - тут больше картинок. и оригинальная статья.

Peter Galimov24 января 2012